Exercises and Workouts - Three Tips To Improve Your Lateral Raises

Exercises and Workouts – Three Tips To Improve Your Lateral Raises

Do you want to take how your shoulders look to the next level?

Are you looking to gain strength as well as a little muscle definition? A few small tweaks to how you are performing your workout program could do just the trick!

Because your shoulders are separated by three different muscles: the front head, the lateral head, and the back or rear head, you need to pinpoint each muscle in isolation whenever possible. Lateral, front, and rear delt raises are excellent for this.

Many people, however, don’t reap the full benefits they could from these movements. Want to take your progress to the next level? Here are three tips to help you get more from each rep of lateral raises you perform…

1. Lift And Pause.

The biggest mistake often made when doing lateral raises is rushing through the motions and letting momentum come into play. This needs to be avoided.

Instead, lift the weight up using a slow and controlled movement pattern and then pause ever so briefly at the top of the motion. This added break will increase the intensity of the exercise, taking your progress up a notch.

2. Be Seated.

It is also a good idea to sit down while performing your lateral raises. While in many cases, standing exercises can be more intense as they will recruit greater overall core muscle activation, sitting will help to take momentum out of the exercise as well.

When you sit, it is harder to use momentum to help you lift the weight upwards. Thus you are placing more overall stress on your shoulder muscles.

Sit on a flat bench and hold the dumbbells at your sides. Then lift up from there.

3. Think Pinky Up.

Finally, as you are executing the lateral raise movement, you want to think of directing your pinky towards the ceiling. While you will not completely turn your hand so your pinky is pointing at the ceiling, if you can think of leading with your pinky, you will find you get better overall delt recruitment. Directing your pinky towards the ceiling will result in superior results.

This movement will help to prevent your elbows from sagging as you do the lift, another reason for seeing optimal results.

Remember, as you lift the weight keep your chest up, never leaning forward hunching your back.

There you have a few quick tips to include in your lateral raises. Lateral raises are movements you want to add to your workout program, but you need to ensure you are performing them correctly.

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